Thursday, April 9, 2009

1 Year Anniversary

Hello everyone! I thought that a few updated pictures of Nora would be appreciated. Its hard to believe that she has been with us almost 1 full year. It really seems like so much longer, we barely remember life without Nora. What did I do with all my time? Oh thats right, I watched a lot (too much) of sports. As you can tell, this is Bill updating the post this time. We also celebrated Nora's 2nd birthday on February 7th so I will try to put some pics up for that as well. For the Davidson's....I am posting a picture from the Southside Irish Parade this year (the one with the horses). It was so crazy this year (over 300,000) with so many problems, fights, arrests, etc that they have cancelled it now indefinetely after over 30 years. I was thinking, I bet they don't have parades like this in Ireland! We think of you often we will have to learn how to Skype eventually! Amy how are you and Karina? Has anyone heard from Jeremy and Elana? Anyway, Nora is doing great and we love having her. Take care and talk to you soon, Bill, Dana, and Nora
P.S. The picture of by the piano is Nora and her new cousin (Emma) who just arrived from Russia.


Trudi said...

WOW Nora has grown! What a beautiful little girl. You must be so proud. And I cannot believe it has been a year either. Time sure does fly so enjoy every moment!

Philip, Amanda and Leah said...

Yay, new Nora pics!

We think about you all a lot and its great to hear you are all doing so well, Nora is gorgeous!!

I've just updated our blog so you can check out how Leah is doing.

We were also on skype webcam with Jeremy, Elaine and Luke a month or so ago, they are doing great and Luke is getting big! South Africa suits him.

All the best

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Javier said...

Greetings from Spain, We adopted Maxim 7 mouths ago in Oskemen too. I emoptionated watching your pics (city, hotel, etc). I hope your all happy like us.

Best regars.